What’s the use of a recommendation by an MMJ doctor?

A recommendation by an MMJ doctor licenses a patient who meets one or more of the qualifying conditions to grow, use, cultivate and purchase medical marijuana.

When are your physicians available?

Our MMJ doctors are available 24/7, and you can always find one to attend to you anytime.

How do I have to do to meet the qualifying conditions?

Medical cannabis can be given to people above the age of 18 after meeting the requirements and showing facts that marijuana can help alleviate your health status or improve your lifestyle. It’s always needful to chat with our expert doctors to know if you qualify.

Is the recommendation renewable?

Yes, after a year. You will have to consult our medical professionals before a renewal can be done.

How confidential are my records?

Very confidential! We know the implications of letting your data open, and it is never a good idea. As such, all the details and record we gather during and after consultation are highly confidential.

What is the difference between an ID card and an MMJ doctor’s recommendation?

A physician’s recommendation gives a qualified patient access to legal cannabis, but an ID card is a card that flaunts your recommendation in a portable form.

What should I look out for when going through the process?

Little but important, you need to know if your health condition truly needs medical marijuana and the expectant effects of using legal cannabis.

Can I be listed on a government list?

Your record and information are absolutely confidential with us, and you shouldn’t worry about being included on a government list. HIPPA Privacy Rule guards you and your health details, making it one of the most confidential things ever.

Why do MMJ doctors issue recommendations and not prescriptions?

Rather than prescribing Medical Marijuana, Doctor recommend Medical Cannabis through a state regulated legal process. In accordance with Proposition 215 (1996), doctor’s recommendations authorizes their patients with a qualifying conditions to buy, use, possess or cultivate cannabis for personal consumption.

What is HIPPA?

HIPPA is an acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The act advocates modern electronic health care transactions, making a shift away from the paper standard. HIPPA optimizes data security, making it easy and efficient to save medical information confidentially.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth involves issuing medical services and clinical data using telecommunication science. Telehealth makes it possible for a medical care provider and a patient to interact and administer medical services when not together.