Hawaii has its main medical clinic for marijuana

After an extended waiting period, marijuana dispensaries arrive in Hawaii. The Department of Health has approved Maui Grown Therapies to begin medical cannabis.

The Director of Community Relations and Patient Affairs said the dispensary marketed the drug to patients for about two hours but stopped to handle the new development efficiently.

Freitas Gorman said it was a historic day in Hawaii. This is the first time in Hawaii that patients can buy cannabis insured by the quality of a dispensary authorised by the State.

The Maui clinic registered patients earlier and started medical marijuana sales on a Tuesday. They completed about 22 transactions, and their patients were excited, although they encountered problems with the software. According to Freitas Gorman, every gram of medical cannabis was marketed for $20 and a quarter ounce sold for $90 to $125.

The Ministry of Health is talking about the marijuana dispensary

Virginia Pressler who directs the State Department of Health said it was a memorable day for qualified patients, and medical experts Maui. They can now buy certified marijuana at Maui Grown Therapies. In a press release, Pressler said that launching a new health campaign is not easy, and this has also been seen in the dispensary scheme.

Hawaii certified medical cannabis in 2000, but not clinics. Nearly 18,000 patients had to cultivate their medicines or find them themselves. Last year, Hawaii approved eight clinics for medical cannabis in the islands. These dispensaries began to grow but did not sell because the state had not certified a laboratory.

The Ministry of Health inspected the Honolulu-based dispensary and approved it to begin sales of medical marijuana the next day.

The dispensary stated the price would be judged according to the surrounding conditions in Hawaii like expensive power bills, taxes, laboratory tests and late sales.